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Game idea [Aug. 24th, 2003|03:57 pm]
Combine sokoban and snake. So you start off with a field with one block, and one goal square. Whenever you get all the current blocks on the current goal squares, they dissappear, your snake grows a bit, and a new set randomly appears, with one more block and goal than the last. Trying to push a block against something would kill you, like ramming into a wall in snake, likewise for pushing a block into oneself.


[User Picture]From: kevandotorg
2003-08-27 08:52 am (UTC)
Mm. First suggestion is fairly easy to implement - just replace "if (square[rx][ry] == 0)" with "if (square[rx][ry] == 0 && square[rx-1][ry-1] == 0 && square[rx][ry-1] == 0 && ...)" in the addBlock function, so that it only puts stuff in empty squares whose neighbours are also all empty.

And the second is even easier - I think you can just call "setup()" when your reset key of choice is pressed.

But yes, download Proce55ing and have a play around with it. The best way to learn is probably to start with something simple and comprehensible like Snakoban, and to try and add new features to it; hassle me online if you want some suggestions as to things you should be able to work out how to do simply by changing a couple of lines, or advice on how to do stuff you aren't sure how to approach. It'd be good to see you producing Java toys.
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